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Art @ the Parks



I love public parks. They stand at the intersection of so many lives and types of people, and they’re free to everyone, for any wholesome activity. Wholesome activities like building a giant paint-spewing, spiral-making, kid’s shoes ruining pendulum for all to swing around and enjoy! This October, “Pendulum @ the Park” will be a Pendulum-Painting tour, hitting 5 public parks throughout the city, each one being a pop-up art making workshop. Here are the dates and times (weather permitting):

Wednesday, Oct 12th, 1pm-6pm in Roberto Clemente park (map)
Thursday, Oct 13th, 1pm-6pm in Franklin Park (map)
Friday, Oct 14th, 1pm-6pm in Greg Grant Park (map)
Friday, Oct 20th, 1pm-6pm in Martin Luther King Park (map)
Sunday, Oct. 23rd, 1pm-6pm in Lipinski Park (map)

vid_snapIn other parky business, we’re raising some money to re-paint the Martin Luther King Mural in MLK Park, on Brunswick Ave. Check out the GoFundMe and donate if you feel inclined. This could be part of the Pendy @ the Park tour, with Kasso and Leon painting while we swing the pendulum.. wouldn’t that be great?

Finally, Wills and his Bike Polo gang have taken over Lipinski park, and they’re hosting the 2nd Annual Fall F**king Classic, a prestigious tournament open to all polo-ers, on Sunday Oct. 23rd beginning at 9:00 am. Of course we’ll have the pendulum out there as part of the tour.

Windows of Soul This Weekend!

Another year, another chance to rock great artwork on blighted buildings. Windows of Soul is all about transforming blight into beauty. Join us in bringing some positive culture to struggling neighborhoods. You can submit art to be pasted up on vacant buildings, or join us for workshops, music and more. It all goes down this weekend, Sept. 17th and 18th on Walnut Ave, between Chambers and Monmouth St, Trenton NJ.




The Buddha Of Woodbury

Kasso just did a massive Buddha-themed wall down in Woodbury, NJ. Here are some pics, taken by the talented Habiyb Shu’Aib. The artist describes: “For those that have been following me via social media, know about the mural I recently completed in Woodbury, NJ entitled “The Buddha Of Woodbury.” In collaboration with the Woodbury FAF, who champions initiatives rich in arts, culture, and sustainable design as a catalyst for community development and economic revitalization. They execute these initiatives by creating engaging places and innovative experiences that transform the lives of the community. SAGE Coalitionand FAF first collaborated 4 years ago at their inaugural festival, were SAGE members demonstrated our artistic skills via live painting, welding, and music performances.”

Read the whole post »

To the East… to WALNUT!!

There’s a little spot in Trenton, a couple blocks east of the train station, not far from the place Jay-z nodded to when saying, “East Trenton Grew Me..” But apparently not too close to there either, as Leon Rainbow found out the hard way. When he tried to quote that line in a mural in the neighborhood, residents there wouldn’t have it. “Put Wilbur Section Up!” they said. Man, do they love The Section.. and we love it too, after all, that’s where our candle-making-international-director-of-urban-affairs Messiah hangs out, and that’s where our resident-DJ-and-shade-tent-lender ItsJustAhmad hails from, and that’s where we did our last Windows of Soul street art festival. Recently, SAGE artists Áine Mickey and Graham Apgar have been going out there on a mission to turn the vacant lot at 131 Walnut Ave into a garden. It’s more of a park actually, a place for people to hang out and be around nature, and a chance for youth to be involved in making a creative change in their neighborhood. This project is all about the kids. It’s an after-school/summer program for all those uppity youngsters of all ages, who wander around Tha Section from 7 to 9pm on summer nights (perfect time to get to work!) We’ve already planted a dozen trees, and we’re building a B Home, a fire-pit and some planters. The program is made possible by the Arts Council of Princeton, who have been kindly helping us find some funding for it. Áine is currently building our relationship with them, so we can do even bigger things on this block in the future. She’s also our in-house documentary photographer.. check out her what she’s captured so far:

Soul of the Message 2016 Made it Rain

The spirit of the late Prince was probably in the air at SAGE’s Soul of the Message 2016 Event, which we held on April 22nd and 23rd right here in Trenton, NJ. Every spring we host this show to bring emerging artists and musicians into the spotlight and kick off another summer of creativity. This year we started with an art show at Casa Cultura, a new downtown arts venue focused on latino culture. As you can see from the pics, the art was really poppin, with many new faces and styles.

On Day 2, we brought the scene to another new venue, the Orchid House, on East Hanover St, which is a start-up project of a few local artists and Entrepreneurs, who are turning a previously dilapidated building into a cafe and concert space. In the backyard, we hosted a graffiti jam, bringing in muralists from the tri-state area to bless the walls, and over a dozen musical acts to break in the new stage. Also, as a sideshow, we brought some new life to the old Gandhi Garden down the street, with a comedy show. Just to be out there, on that infamous drug trafficking block, in a garden with a big Gandhi face smiling over us… doing a comedy show.. That was all the material the comics needed. I think everyone, for whatever reason they were there, had a good laugh. Shout out to Black Collar Biz for keeping the wider community in mind and setting that up.

And of course, there was Prince, his face stenciled in perfect minimalism on the Orchid House Door, as if to challenge any young musician entering (there’s a music studio in the works on the third floor) to live up to his genius. Around the corner, a larger tribute was in progress. When leon Rainbow showed up with a paint sprayer and half a dozen cans of purple paint, we knew it was on. Kasso, Lank, Rain, Bale and Uhm went in late into the night, painting a massive tribute wall. The mural was so prominent that it made the front page of the Trentonian the next day, bringing some positive press to the Orchid House and the Arts in Trenton… the power of art at it’s finest.

Windows Of Soul 2015 Recap

WOS (Windows of Soul) 2015 took place on the infamous city block of Walnut Ave. Walnut Ave, located in the Wilbur Section of East Trenton, is quite possibly, the most infamous block in the east ward. It’s one well known for illegal activities and unfortunately, its murder rate. This block is in pain…and it has been for a very long time.

We wanted to originally focus on walnut in 2013, during the seconded installment of WOS, but was unable to make it happen at that point, partly due to politics and contracts which bonded us to downtown Trenton. It was always a goal to do this block. The sheer number of abandoned properties and the strong community was enough to keep attention on the struggling block.

SAGE partnered with the Arts council of Princeton ( )to fund WOS. With a grant from the New Jersey State Council on the Arts and matching funds from individual donors, we had enough funding to put this project together. During the summer, the WOS team was composed. One Trenton Project which consists of Caitlin Fair and Kimby Heil handled community outreach. Both Hands Artlet, spearheaded by artist/teacher, Bentrice Jusu, covered photography and event documentation. TCNJ Bonner Center provided volunteers for community cleanup and Artworks Trenton hosted the opening artshow that kicked off the weekends festivities.

Saturday, Oct 17th, bright and early that morning, we begin the install of art on the abandoned buildings. TCNJ Bonners and kids form the community produced art on canvas and paper donated by HomFront Artspace, while Graham Apgar of Sage Guerrilla gardening unit broke ground on a new community garden entitled,”Graffiti Garden”.

Leon Rainbow, with assistance from TCNJ students produced a mural book-ending the garden titled “Section Love”. The mural was a homage to the wilbur section and the strong sense of community which connects so many individuals within the neighborhood.

Wils Kinsey, Lori Johansson and their team of volunteers oversaw the install of artwork on the abandoned properties. With a boom truck and tons of art being turned out from the kids in the community, there was no shortage of art and Wils and company kept up a steady pace, installing throughout the weekend.

Ahmad Shakur, SAGE resident DJ an his team musicians held down the music. Classic Hip Hop, House, R&B and Funk was the soundtrack for the weekend…keeping this running smooth and chill.

Sunday, Oct. 18th, the final day of event and the one with heavy attention on the music performances. Local and a few regional acts performed to a steady crown of onlookers and spectators. Ahmad kept the grooves going while Wils and company continued with the install. One trenton project hosted the community BBQ and books and breakfast programs, which passed out children books to the neighborhood kids.

“Reach the world but touch the hood first”… a quote from Brooklyn emcee/actor, Mos Def, define SAGE Coalition’s mission; to never forget were one comes from while striving for something better than what is given. Many born under depressed conditions find it is difficult to raise above what most would consider a dead end socially, spiritually and economically. Windows of Soul is the visual representation of the aforementioned quote. With its 4th installment now complete, SAGE and company looked to go above and beyond our previous community beatification endeavors. This one felt more like the first and more organic than the previous two. I believe its because this one, like the first, had nothing to prove…other than to provide art to those with limited access to it. The kids, parents and all that participated enjoyed themselves and the feeling of connectivity was apparent.

“Windows of Soul” exceeded all of our expectations.We were all riding high from the weekend. Thanks to all who came together to make this happen. Addison Vincent and Jesse Vincent from the Artworks Trenton family, you guys are the “Wonder Twins”. Graham Apgar for keepin’ it real with the “Graffiti Garden”. To my native brother, Leon Rainbow, I think you will forever understand that “Wilbur Section” and “East Trenton” are truly different, but its all love. Wills Kins aka..”THE FOREMAN” for always coming through in the clutch and keeping things in order with the install. Kimby Heiland Caitlin Fair of “One Trenton” for the continued outreach leading up to this project and making Sunday super chill with “Books and Breakfast”.Ahmad Shakir for always setting the mood(Respect the DJ). To my brother Earlie Harrell for keeping the flame going. You are the realist my G. To Bentrice Jusu of “Both Hands” and Aine Mickey for documentation and helping build up this event with your unselfishness in adding light to the hood. To my SAGE Coalition brother Jonathan Conner, the “Larry Bird” of Street-art…salute. To Lori Johansson, Nikki Nailbomb, Drew Glenn and the entire Championship Sports Bar & Grill family for supporting and always being there when needed. Christopher Michael Jones, Mike Murphy, Andrew Wilkinson, Lauren Otis, Kate Graves, Kelvin L. Smith, Chelsea Perron,Elizabeth Amaral, and Marge Caldwell-Wilson for helping, supporting and always representing. To the Bonner Scholars for coming out and being apart with your community service and art output…and all the artist that submitted work and came out to celebrated community with us…thank you. To the community of Walnut Ave and Wilbur section and anyone I may have forgot to add…Salute, Thank You and One Love. Trenton still making it. It Don’t Stop!

Some of the photos in the gallery are courtesy of Scott Ketterer -The Trentonian
To check out the full gallery go to:

Buy a Brother / Sister a Suit Day


Join us in an initiative to provide young men and women with the style and know-how to compete in today’s local and global marketplace. In collaboration with the Living Hope Empowerment Center, SAGE is raising money to buy suits and provide business education for people in Trenton’s underprivileged neighborhoods. On the weekend of May 20th-22nd, 2016, we will be driving several limos around the city, picking up interested participants and taking them to receive custom-tailored suits. Fostering a positive self image is just the beginning, though. We will be conducting tours of local businesses and facilitating apprenticeships to help aspiring professionals get the education and resources they need to succeed. Check out the brochure to learn more, or click here to make a donation.

We are also looking for artists in Trenton who are operating small businesses to get involved in the project. If you’d be interested in teaching your artistic skills or business know-how, contact us.

Gandhi Prints for TASK

2015-10-28 10.43.29_resizedYou know, too many non-profits become soulless, self-preserving entities these days. It’s time to begin the SAGE holiday tradition of fundraising for other non-profits. Our friend Howard Michaels has created these matted and framed prints of SAGE artist Will Kasso painting Gandhi at the Gandhi Garden. He’s selling them for $75 each, with $20 going towards the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen.. Which is perfect, cause that’s where I’ve been eating lately! You can buy one by filling out our contact form.

Call for art: submissions for Windows of Soul 2015

Calling all artists…

Call for art

S.A.G.E. Coalition currently seeks art submissions for the fourth annual Windows of Soul in Trenton, New Jersey. Windows of Soul is a 3 day art extravaganza geared at community renewal!

Kicking off Friday,October 16th with a gallery showcase, featuring notable submissions from 6pm-9pm at TrentonWorks Gallery. Saturday, October 17th and Sunday, October 18th we  install artwork on the panels and doorways of neglected properties, then commence with a Block Party!  The weekends festivities will take place on the 100 block of Walnut Ave in East Trenton. Help transform the city! S.A.G.E. members and volunteers will display arts submissions in our signature urban outdoor art gallery  — a bold community plan mounting artwork in the windows and doorways of Trenton’s abandoned buildings.

At Windows of Soul, urban infrastructure becomes the community’s public canvas.  Art and urban development collide.  Dazzling, colorful aesthetics breath life into Trenton, invigorating culture and social progress.

This year, S.A.G.E. aims to paint every inch of the block. We need art.

Grace Trenton’s skyline with your artistic vision.  Please, submit paintings, stencils, pastels, stickers and other visual media to:

One Trenton Project
2 Highland Dr.
Yardly, Pa. 19067

Drop off location and time:

Trenton Works Gallery
5 South Broad St.
Trenton, NJ
Oct. 12 – Oct. 15, 12 p.m. – 6 p.m.

For more information, contact S.A.G.E. Founder, Will “Kasso” Condry:

(609) 222-9334

Email questions to:

Check out previous Windows of Soul events:

Case statement on attaining an art studio in Trenton

white paper

Case statement

SAGE white paper

S.A.G.E. Coalition’s case statement details building-acquisition implications within Trenton, N.J. The problems negatively impact our ability to contribute to the Trenton community.

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