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Soul of the Message on April 12th

sotm-flyer-front-webIts hard to believe its been almost a month since Hit the Deck.. but it has, so we’re on to the next show. This month we’re bringing it back to the essentials with Soul of the Message. This will the third year in a row SAGE has put on this event. Its no ordinary show. See, a few years ago when S.A.G.E. began, the letters stood for Styles Advancing Graffiti’s Evolution. Will Kasso and the crew created SAGE because they wanted to raise the bar on street art. They wanted to create a new, conscious art form with all the style and refinement of fine art- but born and raised on the streets. That’s what Soul of the Message is about.. its art on a higher vibration. Come feel it on April 12th. Read the details here »