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Monthly Archives: May 2013

Gardening with Gandhi #6 Next Weekend!

gwg6-web-snippetIt’s been another month and we’re keepin it rolling. SHUT THE  F**K UP AND PAINT was a lot of fun. It was by far the weirdest show so far. The best part was we finally we had some hippies passed out on the garden lawn.. so I know the vision is really coming to light.. the prophecy is being fulfilled. That’s why I need you to come out and help us finish this garden.. cause I’m telling you the hippies are coming. I met another one out there yesterday..

Gardening with Gandhi #6 will be on Saturday, June 1st. Come check it out. Read more about it here »

Thanks for the Grass

dblockgrassThere’s Derrick watering our new grass. We call him D Block. Check out that sculpture behind him.. someone just happened to bring by a sculpture of a giant letter D on a block. The guy who brought it didn’t even know about Derrick. Coincidence? I don’t know.. Gandhi’s face is always looking over that garden like he’s pulling all the strings. You think that’s funny Gandhi? Where’s my Digital Graham sculpture, huh? Just kidding, I love you Gandhi.

We want to thank everyone for their donations, which helped us get this field of grass started. With the money, we’ve also been able to buy some cool climbing vines for Wills’ bike trellis. A new stage is in the works too. Stay in touch.. we’ll have concerts and events in the garden soon. Check out our facebook page for more updates.


stfuap-flyer-webLeon rainbow doesn’t talk.. he paints.. A lot. Walls, canvases, hot babes, he paints “anything that will hold still.” He also makes stickers which say that. Leon is a staple of the Trenton art scene and he produces more art per hour than anyone I know. He’s a great artists and a great guy, and we’re proud to be exhibiting a body of his work, selected over the last 14 years of his career, at our studio this month. The opening will be on Friday, May 10th. Read more about it here »