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To the East… to WALNUT!!

There’s a little spot in Trenton, a couple blocks east of the train station, not far from the place Jay-z nodded to when saying, “East Trenton Grew Me..” But apparently not too close to there either, as Leon Rainbow found out the hard way. When he tried to quote that line in a mural in the neighborhood, residents there wouldn’t have it. “Put Wilbur Section Up!” they said. Man, do they love The Section.. and we love it too, after all, that’s where our candle-making-international-director-of-urban-affairs Messiah hangs out, and that’s where our resident-DJ-and-shade-tent-lender ItsJustAhmad hails from, and that’s where we did our last Windows of Soul street art festival. Recently, SAGE artists Áine Mickey and Graham Apgar have been going out there on a mission to turn the vacant lot at 131 Walnut Ave into a garden. It’s more of a park actually, a place for people to hang out and be around nature, and a chance for youth to be involved in making a creative change in their neighborhood. This project is all about the kids. It’s an after-school/summer program for all those uppity youngsters of all ages, who wander around Tha Section from 7 to 9pm on summer nights (perfect time to get to work!) We’ve already planted a dozen trees, and we’re building a B Home, a fire-pit and some planters. The program is made possible by the Arts Council of Princeton, who have been kindly helping us find some funding for it. Áine is currently building our relationship with them, so we can do even bigger things on this block in the future. She’s also our in-house documentary photographer.. check out her what she’s captured so far: