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Guerilla Gardening Unit

GG_Unit_web-2The Guerilla Gardening Unit is forming now. Over the last 2 years SAGE has helped established 4 gardens downtown, the Gandhi Garden, Shaolin, and the Merchant Street lounge, which are all public parks, and the Oasis, a vegetable garden and permaculture experiment. These are guerilla gardens, meaning they were grown on neglected properties (vacant lots.) By opening up this land for people, plants and animals to thrive in, we are rewarded by seeing the growth of both nature and community. Plus we get strawberries. Our philosophy is.. use whatever you have. Tires, pallets, bamboo, soil from the graveyard, plants found in dumpsters– if they refuse it, we use it, just as the earth does. The gardens are also a form of street art, their creation being influenced by the many graffiti murals in the neighborhood. Whether you are a gardener, artist, or just some random person, we invite you to come join us in our cause. Over the coming months, we may be doing some of the following: growing seedlings, raising chickens, experimenting with Aquaponics, working with bamboo, tires, and other waste materials, building a permaculture food forest, and much much more. Our mission is to have fun, beautify the city, repair the earth, and eat tomatoes. Join us.




If you would like to get involved, you can come to one of our weekly gatherings. We are meeting at the Gandhi Garden every Saturday Morning from 8am-11am, at 223 E. Hanover St. The first meeting will be April 4th, 2015, and the last on Nov. 7th. If you come and we’re not out there, we might be working down the street in one of the other gardens, so call Graham at 609-903-0715. Here’s a calendar of our events this year:

To send us a message, email Graham at

Recent Posts about the GG Unit

Guerrilla Gardening Begins..

GG_Unit_webWe’ll be doing Guerrilla Gardening sessions all through the Spring and Summer, starting this Saturday, April 4th, from 8-11am, and continuing every Saturday until Nov. 7th. Whether you’re into art, gardening, or civic engagement, come check out the Gandhi Garden, and it’s offspring.. Shaolin, the Merchant St. Lounge, and The Oasis. Over the last few years, we’ve been creating these gardens and parks downtown as a public service and a form of street art. If you need help for redesigning a home garden and outdoor space , you can check this out here! This year will be a little different, as the art studio 219 is no longer a presence on the block. Still, there are many reasons to come back out here (like planting some sh*t!) We welcome anyone who wants to contribute.

The plan for this Saturday is to take an observational tour of the gardens, identify key areas we want to work on, and think about how to make the gardens more self-sustaining, so we can spread out and make even more gardens! After the tour, we can do a little bush-wacking (bring some pruners or clippers if you have em) and other clean up work.. Maybe even have a little bonfire on the block. We’ll see..

Check the flyer for more info.. Learn more about the S.A.G.E Guerrilla Gardening Unit Here »


Permie Alert

permaculture_film_screening_march_2015_flyer_web Graham and Dirk are doing a permaculture film screening and discussion at The Hive on Monday, March 9th. Permaculture is a design process where we work with nature and our community to create efficient systems for living.

Check out the flyer or read more about it over here »

Guerrilla Gardening Continues

1888872_698038940267609_8329477993132045430_oThe guerrilla gardening crew has been on the move, converting vacant lots into vegetable and floral gardens, parks and walk-thrus, and growing food out of fish. We’re still out here every Saturday, meeting in at the Gandhi Garden at 9am. Here’s some pics of our recent progress. Some Photos are from the Trentonian. Also, thank you ISLES, The Trenton Downtown Association and The College of New Jersey for all your collaboration. More info on the GG Unit here »

New Gandhi Garden Pics

It was a beautiful afternoon so I took some photos of our progress..