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Windows of Soul This Weekend

WOS3_flyer_back_web10410105_10152845033636967_1645778020037307279_nWindows of Soul 2014 kicks off this weekend! Join us this Friday, Nov. 14th at 6pm for Inked Up at Gallery 219, and then Saturday and Sunday, join us for an art festival like no other as we deck the windows of on N. Stockton St. with amazing artwork. It’s all part of Windows of Soul Initiative. Read more about this years event here »

Windows of Soul: Stockton Street Needs Your Art!!

10641033_10152831952141967_4559132867471407981_n Windows of of Soul is back! We’re looking to cover the boarded up windows of vacant properties Stockton St, Trenton NJ with inspiring artwork! Help us do it by submitting your art, then come to the event to celebrate! Please Contact Us if you would like to set up a time to bring art to the studio. Click to learn more about the Windows of Soul Initiative »

High Grade Artistry hits the Road

A few of of at SAGE are involved in an effort to take our Trenton-based art outside the city limits, to other areas of the country where we can network with other artists and spread our creative energy. We’ve already linked up with emerging art scenes in Boston, NY and Philly, but we want to take it even further. The High Grade Artistry Tour is being crowdfunded right now.
Click here to support us through IndieGoGo »

Watch the video below for more info.

Help Trenton Tour Its High Grade Artistry! from Black Collar Biz on Vimeo.

Guerrilla Gardening Continues

1888872_698038940267609_8329477993132045430_oThe guerrilla gardening crew has been on the move, converting vacant lots into vegetable and floral gardens, parks and walk-thrus, and growing food out of fish. We’re still out here every Saturday, meeting in at the Gandhi Garden at 9am. Here’s some pics of our recent progress. Some Photos are from the Trentonian. Also, thank you ISLES, The Trenton Downtown Association and The College of New Jersey for all your collaboration. More info on the GG Unit here »


IMG_20140530_231300What happens when the New Jersey state capitol’s most notable, prolific visual artist stops giving a fuck? You get….THE NOTHING!


Uncanny Visual art by: WILLIAM G KASSO
Turntableizm by: DJ ITSJUSTAHMAD

Gallery 219
July 11th 2014

Read More about it here »

Trenton’s Daughter.. All Grown Up

1782078_498837216899490_1475934720_nOur featured artist of the month of June is no other than Trenton’s own, Tamara Torres. The opening reception is June 20th, 2014 at Gallery 219 at 6pm-9pm. DJ ITSJUSTAHMAD on the 1s and 2s. Read more about it here »

Underachievers are Back…

1512043_10100368814395039_1444814475_oIt’s time for round 2 with the Underachievers, Mek and Ras. These two dope artists will showcase their work at Gallery 219 on Friday, May 16th from 6 – 10pm. Both these artists are now leaders in east coast graffiti. Mek for his wicked burners and illustrative style, and Ras for his mastery of portraits. This show is going to be the best of the best.. nothing less.  ItsJustAhmad will be spinning and Kasso will be curating. Don’t miss it!

Soul of the Message is Back!

sotm2014flyer_webA few months ago, we invited artists to come paint the hallways of our building and the walls of the gallery. We got a great response, and we’re gonna feature all the work in this year’s Soul of the Message show. This is the 4th year of Soul of the Message, the original SAGE exhibition, and each year it brings in the Spring with a new burst of creativity. This year we have the twisted visions of Chelsea Perron, ENOS1 on the spray-cans, next-level pieces by Hardwork Artwork, and more.. It all goes down April 11th. Be there! More info here »

Art Kebabs

1538760_10152166865384610_812583072_nThis March we’re doing a show at the Kebab House, a great Mediterranean place around the corner from the SAGE HQ. Fun fact: Back at the Trenton Atelier, where SAGE Coalition was formed, we used to get the left-over cooking oil from the Kebab House and distil it into bio-diesel, which we used to heat the shop. Now it’s time to return the favor. On Friday, March 14th, we’re curating an exhibit at the Kebab House featuring the awesome work of artist Jamaila Hernandez. We hope to bring some business to this fine establishment, and some attention to Jemaila’s beautiful work. Read more about it here »

New Life @ 219

1780899_10152200071856967_1319197092_nStudios 219, the SAGE headquarters, is currently open to being painted by anyone. You can paint the halls, paste art up, or donate a piano.. just come bring some life to this building. Think of it as Windows of Soul but inside. We want all artists in Trenton and beyond to know that this building is open to shows and creative endeavours, that it exists for artists and is soon to be run by artists as well. If you want to be a part of it, come on down to 219 Hanover St.

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