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About the Event

This month-long exhibition will feature work by a select group of Photographers from Trenton and Beyond. Trenton is quickly becoming a photography hot spot, and why not.. with unique historical relics, raw culture and plenty of interesting people. Local artists like Tamara Ramos, Jonathan Gordon, and Jimmy Giambrone have captured it, and their work will be on display. But Photosynthesis is much larger than just Trenton. We’ve got photography from Gentrified, who covers the street art scene in NYC, Philly and overseas, and work by Rory Mahon of the former Johnson Atelier. Then we’ve got the real old schoolers: internationally distinguished photographers like Andrew Wilkinson, John Naar and Ricardo Barros. This is going to be a synthesis of rough and refined, abstract and objective, new and old – all kinds of photography by a select group of leaders in their craft. Come be enlightened.


Opening: Friday, January 11th 2013 – 6pm to 9pm @ The Studios 219 Gallery – 219 E. Hanover St, Trenton NJ 08608
Work will remain on display until February 1st 2013

Please contact us if you would like to schedule an appointment to view the gallery at a special time.

Featured Artists

Andrew Wilkinson
Wills Kinsley
Tamara Ramos
Jimmy Giambrone
Jeff Stewart
Jonathan Gordon
Rory Mahon
Will Kasso Condry
Lauren Otis
Richard Trenner
John Naar
Ricardo Barros


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