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Trenton’s Daughter


Artist Tamara Torres is bringing her voice to Trenton, New Jersey. In her very first solo exhibition in her home town, Tamara is excited to show pieces that have put her around the globe. Exhibiting in London, Dubai, New York and New Jersey, she’s a part of UNICEF of Italy and working on a new project in Egypt. Born and raised in Trenton, she did not pick up a camera until the age of thirteen. It was given to her by a friend. She completely fell in love with art, and says it saved her life. Coming from a very unstable upbringing, her art work often shows parts of herself that are very raw, real and of importance to our society including her childhood homelessness and exploitation in art. Her work is about feminism, religion, thirst, and the streets. This exhibition will reflex her passion on these subjects. Her goal as an artist is to bring change into the world she has often been heard saying “if I can make someone stop and think and see things a little differently, than I have done my job as an artist.” Special curators from Italy and London will be attending the exhibition for the unveiling of her latest spellbinding work!! An art exhibition that shouldn’t be missed!

Opening Reception:
Friday, June 20th 2014, 6pm-9pm

Gallery 219  – 219 E. Hanover St, Trenton NJ

This event is free and open to the public.


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