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About the Event

Featuring canvas works by Dave “Mek One” Klama and Dean “Ras One” Innocenzi, Underachievers is a month long art exhibit of rare works by these aerosol art masters. The opening reception is on Friday December 14th, 6pm-10pm, at the Studios 219 Gallery, and the work will be displayed there till mid January. Mek and Ras are well known the the Trenton street art scene, with dozens of works around the city. These 2 members of FUA krew and Vicious Styles Crew haven’t been in the scene all that long, but they surprised everyone by developing their craft so quickly. Now their work stands as some of the tightest, most polished work in the scene. Here are there stories (from the VS Crew website.)

Mek (Dave Klama)

“I was born and raised in Trenton, NJ and started writing graffiti in high school around 1998-1999 under a different alias. After a few year hiatus I took on the alias Mek One and started writing again. I met Pro, Rain, Plan and Kasso in 2005 and they showed me some of the trade secrets which helped me develop my style. In 2006, we started Vicious Styles crew and put Trenton on the map for graffiti. In 2008, I was asked to join the FUA Krew, which is a very well established and respected crew from upstate New York. I was recently put down with MTA, FX and AD in 2010 as well. There is something about this art form that keeps me wanting more, I am constantly striving to outdo myself and make every wall better than the previous. I do graffiti for me, not for other people. At the end of the day I like to go home, look at what I’ve created and pick it apart to find ways to improve it and make it better. To me, graffiti is more than a hobby, it’s a way of life; it’s a way to get away from everything and everyone and just focus on the creating.”

Ras (Dean Innocenzi)

RAS was always into art as a kid growing up. He got his start in graffiti as half of the two man crew 420 KINGS, with another Trenton graffiti writer known as ENOS. Before long the 420 KINGS were hunted down by the police and RAS decided to start focusing more on the piecing side of things rather than the bombing. With guidance from artists like MEK, KASSO, and PROZE, RAS developed his can control and skill very quickly. He became a member of VS in 2009.


Opening: Friday Dec 14th, 6pm to 10pm @ The Studios 219 Gallery – 219 E. Hanover St
Work will remain on display until January 14th 2012

Featured Artists

Dave “MekOne” Klama
Dean “RasOne” Innocenzi