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Windows of Soul



You just missed Windows of Soul 2016! Stick around for next year’s event.

About the Initiative

Created by SAGE Coalition, Windows of Soul is an annual interactive event held in disadvantaged Trenton neighborhoods. SAGE artists install donated artwork on vacant building windows, create murals, host concerts, and teach workshops during the weekend-long celebration. A typical Windows of Soul event spans across a weekend- with an art show opening Friday, art workshops on Saturday, and live music on Sunday. During the festivities, the SAGE crew works their way down a street, installing art on boarded up windows and painting murals on vacant facades.

WOS15_SCK_6750-XLWindows of Soul events also include:
· Neighborhood Beautification
· Painting and Photography Workshops
· Music and Poetry Concerts
· Murals celebrating the neighborhood
· Community Garden Construction
· Raffle Prizes
· Art Installations
· Healthy Cookouts
· Games

Past Events

In September 2012 we held our inaugural Windows of Soul event, held on East Hanover St, Trenton, right outside the former SAGE headquarters Studios 219. After securing funding from the Trenton Downtown Association, we held the event on Sept. 21st-23rd.

photo by Scott Ketterer - The Trentonian

photo by Scott Ketterer – The Trentonian

The event was a success, delivering a one-of-a kind experience which left a lasting impact on our street and in our community. The Following year, we hosted Windows of Soul 2, which was focused around the abandoned Bell Telephone Building on E. State St. A month later, we expanded on the WOS concept by hosting Storm the Gates!, an event where we organized artists to paint murals on the all-too-often closed roll-gates of downtown businesses. In Oct. 2014, SAGE hosted Windows of Soul: Stockton St, an event aimed at beautifying vacant buildings in the Old Trenton Neighborhood, which included the creation of three major murals in the area. The fifth and most recent Windows of Soul event was held in October 2015 in the Wilbur Section neighborhood of Trenton. The video below recaps the happening: